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As the daughter of a well-respected attorney, community activist, and former State Legislator Leo Alvarado, Jr., it was never a question of "if" Rosie Alvarado would follow in her father's footsteps but "when".

Rosie was born, raised, and educated here in Bexar County. She grew up in a community service oriented family where she was taught that serving her community is the highest honor that an individual can achieve. She is a graduate of St. Mary's University and St. Mary's Law School.

Rosie Alvarado is running for the 438th District Court. This Court hears matters involving divorce, child support and custody, title to land, tax lien and foreclosures, personal injury, breach of contract, and other civil disputes.

Rosie Alvarado brings a diverse legal background to the bench. A successful trial attorney, Rosie handles complex litigation in a variety of cases. In State Court she has represented individuals in serious "high-stakes" personal injury, family law, small business, and criminal cases. She also enjoys a strong federal civil litigation practice in the areas of whistleblower law (a.k.a. False Claims Act litigation), police misconduct trials, and color of law cases. Rosie is well-rounded and uniquely qualified for the bench.

As a life-long Democrat, Rosie believes our legal system should serve as the foundation that protects and guarantees our rights and freedoms. Rosie chose to run for three reasons: (1) to ensure all litigants before this Court enjoy equal access and receive fair treatment under the law, (2) to continue the family tradition of public service, and (3) to continue serving as a real and tangible role model for her children.

Rosie Alvarado has a long history of serving her community. She is an advisory board member to the San Antonio Crime Coalition, Chair of the St. John's Lutheran Academy School Board, Girl Scout Troop Leader, and committed volunteer providing pro bono representation to the indigent. She also served previously in the capacities of board president for her homeowner's association, a mentor with the Girls and Ladies Sports program and the Harlandale High School Diversified Career Preparation Class.

Rosie is a business owner and President of her law practice, Rosie Alvarado, P.C. She was former managing partner of Alvarado & Alvarado, P.L.L.C., a law firm shared with her father until his passing in 2009. Rosie is surrounded by supportive family and friends. Her two biggest supporters are her little girls who are very excited about their mother's efforts and successes.

Rosie Alvarado will work tirelessly to ensure that justice is dispensed fairly and impartially. She will treat all litigants and attorneys with respect, preserving equal access and prompt justice. Rosie Alvarado has real experience, proven leadership and the right temperament to serve as the next Judge of the 438th District Court.

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