Our Heroes Are United

No one knows a community better than its public servants. First responders, teachers and medical professionals, better than anyone, know that respect, fairness and justice are the pillars of community life in San Antonio.

Rosie Alvarado proudly accepts the endorsement of the ……

San Antonio Police Officers Association

As a family, SAPOA endorsed those candidates who offered an open door policy and approach to public safety that values and recognizes the unique sacrifice our first responders play in San Antonio. Our endorsement is a partnership and we look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates as they seek election in November.

BEXARPAC - Doctor Recommended

As a life-long Democrat, Rosie believes our legal system should serve as the foundation that protects and guarantees our rights and freedoms. Rosie chose to run for three reasons: (1) to ensure all litigants before this Court enjoy equal access and receive fair treatment under the law, (2) to continue the family tradition of public service, and (3) to continue serving as a real and tangible role model for her children.

San Antonio Professional Firefighters

The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association is an organization committed to increasing safety and wellness to better the lives of San Antonians. To help us with this goal, we proudly endorse candidates who make public safety their mission and care deeply for the wellbeing of firefighters.

Before we formally endorse any candidate, we conduct a thorough interview. We then identify the candidates we believe will work tirelessly for their community to increase safety. The candidates you see below are people who we heartily believe will work for you and put your safety first. We look forward to supporting them as they seek in election in November.

SAPFFA Proudly Endorses: Rosie Alvarado

The American Federation of Teachers

San Antonio Fire and Police Pensioners' Association

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